Fair Work Commission interim bargaining order

Fair Work Commission interim bargaining order

The interim bargaining order, during its period of operation restrains United Voice (including through its officers, servants and agents) from preventing, hindering or interfering with persons or vehicles accessing or exiting the XXXX Brewery Site at 185 Milton Road, Milton, Qld. You are hereby advised that United Voice does not authorise or support any obstruction of access to, or egress from, that site.


The fight to secure jobs for XXXX workers and the long term viability of the Milton brewery will step up from next week, with multiple rallies being planned in numerous locations across Brisbane.

The move comes in the face of Lion’s continued efforts through the Fair Work Commission to stop workers from speaking out and rallying at the brewery.

United Voice Queensland Coordinator Damien Davie said the workers would not be discouraged by an Interim Order issued by Fair Work on Friday, and it would only make them more determined.

“Lion have said we can’t rally at the brewery, but that will not stop our campaign,” Mr Davie said.

“We are planning a series of rallies targeting other strategic locations that are important to XXXX and their Japanese owners,” he said.

“We will be out in strength in the lead up to a massive event we have planned for the final State of Origin game being played at Suncorp Stadium next month.

“This is Queensland’s beer and Queensland’s brewery, and we’ll stop at nothing to make sure it stays that way.

“More and more Queenslanders are turning against XXXX because of this dispute.

 “XXXX have refused to apologise for lying to Queenslanders about secretly shipping up beer from interstate to sell here in Queensland bottle shops.

“Already we’ve seen huge support from Queenslanders who are boycotting the smaller 330mL cans made in New South Wales and South Australia.

 “We want to reach an agreement that is fair for workers, and get back to enjoying our genuine, Queensland-made beer.”

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