It pays to be union

It pays to be union

Just a few months into the new year and United Voice industrial officers, organisers and delegates continue to kick goals representing members in a diverse array of industrial disputes and challenges.


  • One of our key wins, which was argued and negotiated over several months, finally occasioned in QAS Industrial Relations recognising a member’s prior service with the ADF and an interstate ambulance service. This resulted in our member making claim to over $20 000 in back pay entitlements, pay progression, recognition of leave entitlements and future wage increases in line with EBA pay rate rises.
  • A group of Patient Transport Officers, who were part of the alternate pathway program, were overlooked for a pay point progression. Acting on behalf of the members, United Voice secured progression to correct pay point and any subsequent back pay entitlements.
  • EMDs were being denied single day accrued time leave. Delegates advocated on our members’ behalf to ensure that requests for accrued time were not unreasonably withheld. United Voice also obtained re-confirmation from the Commissioner around access to single days leave and he has agreed for this condition to be written into the QAS leave policy.
  • There have been several disciplinary cases already this year relating to breaches of code of conduct which have resulted in members often just receiving a warning or being placed on a performance management plan.

Unfortunately not all disciplinary cases end with a smack on the wrist or being placed on a PIP. Some members may lose a pay point, some may be demoted or transferred, and in extreme cases a member may have their employment terminated.

What is fortunate though, is that your employer QAS recognises and respects the advocacy, support and pursuit of social justice that United Voice promotes for its members. This is why our industrial team, delegates and organisers work hard to see that our members receive the best outcome possible.

Don’t go it alone!    Don’t listen to ill advice!   Don’t think it won’t happen to you!

Being a member of United Voice is your best chance for success when faced with a workplace issue.