The union representing workers from industries including hospitality, aged care, security and manufacturing has launched a massive, multi-million dollar campaign against the Liberal-National Government’s cuts to penalty rates.

The United Voice campaign is running nationally across TV, radio, print and online media, and will be reinforced on the ground by coordinated national actions, door knocking and phone calls to sway voters in target seats.


The campaign will address the plight of 3089 workers in Forde, whose penalty rate cuts in their hospitality and retail jobs will cost them $6,945,774 a year in lost pay.

The campaign highlights Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Coalition government’s terrible record on penalty rates, with the ads asking voters in Forde to consider ‘who is next’ in the spotlight for penalty rate cuts.

Thousands of families in the electorate rely on penalty rates to make a living in industries including aged care, nursing, construction and emergency services.

United Voice National Secretary Jo Schofield said: “Mr Morrison needs to realise that 3089 workers in the seat of Forde are among millions of Australian families who have relied on penalty rates.

“The hard-working residents of Logan deserve better,” Ms Schofield said.

“A vote for Des Hardman in Forde is the best way for voters to make sure penalty rates are restored and protected.

“Scott Morrison and the Liberal National Government have already cut penalty rates for hundreds of thousands of retail and hospitality workers.

“Now, they are looking at who is next. Everyone who gets paid extra for working evenings, nights, weekends or public holidays stands to lose. No one’s penalty rates are safe under a Morrison Coalition Government.

“We must remember Bert van Manen voted 8 times to cut penalty rates. The Morrison government can’t be trusted.

“We will be out there talking to voters in target seats every day from now until the election about the Morrison Government’s atrocious record on penalty rates.

“Only Labor will restore and protect penalty rates. Our ads will be reminding people that a vote for Labor is a vote for the millions of Australians who rely on penalty rates.

“Voters have a clear choice at the upcoming Federal election - a vote for more cuts under the Coalition, or a vote for Labor to restore and protect penalty rates.”

The campaign was launched in the marginal electorate of Dickson, in northern Brisbane, where the Liberal Party’s Peter Dutton holds the seat by less than 2 per cent.

The TV ads warn, “Millions of Australians rely on penalty rates to make ends meet. The Liberals and Nationals voted to cut the penalty rates of hospitality and retail workers. Now they’re looking at whose penalty rates they’re cutting next. Will it be health workers and nurses? Their penalty rates make up to 20% of their income. Or will it be manufacturing workers? Or emergency workers? Or will it be you?”