Our History

Our History

More than a century of standing up for workers

United Voice, formerly known as the Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union, comprises a number of unions that amalgamated together over the years.

The union movement began back when the industrial revolution transformed our country, and there was great disparity between people who owned businesses and the people who worked in them.

While employers got richer, workers didn’t and they were often subjected to unfair conditions such as long hours and no overtime pay or breaks. If workers were injured or killed, their employer didn’t even have to do anything about it.

Although this wasn’t fair, a worker who complained could just be fired. But when multiple workers joined forces they had people power behind them and a stronger voice to demand things like fair wages, reasonable working hours, paid overtime, sick leave, annual leave, maternity leave, and a weekend.

It’s only by joining together in solidarity that workers have been able to win the many benefits that we as Australians enjoy today. All too often we’re faced with an ideology of greed and division that aims to create a culture of individual wealth for the few. Which is why we should take heed from the lessons of the past – workers who stand together can achieve amazing things.