Hey Peter Dutton, Fund Equal Pay Now!

Hey Peter Dutton, Fund Equal Pay Now!

Early childhood educators in Brisbane. have rallied outside of Peter Dutton’s Strathpine electorate office to demand the Turnbull Government funds equal pay.

They will join thousands of educators from across Australia who will walk off the job on March 27 for fair pay.

As qualified professionals, early childhood educators deserve fair pay, yet they currently earn around $21 per hour – only half the national average wage.

The Turnbull Government is not listening and educators have been left with no choice but to walk off the job, so March 27 will be ‘Keep your Children Home Day’.

We’re asking parents to support the national action on this day by keeping their kids at home, so we can send the message to the Federal Government that they need to fund equal pay.

Until that happens, our early childhood educators will only get louder in the fight for fair pay.

More detail about centre closures will be available for families closer to 27 March. Some centres will close down for the whole day in response to government inaction.

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