Professional registration update

Professional registration update

Are You Ready For Professional Registration?

United Voice recently met with the registration steering committee for its June meeting to discuss progress of the journey towards National Paramedic Registration.

One of the key requirements of registration is that you have adequate professional indemnity insurance in place.

As a member of United Voice you have and will continue to have professional indemnity insurance to ensure you meet these obligations.

It is important for members to begin preparing for registration by logging into the AHPRA website and signing up for regular updates.

For more information about qualifications, grandparenting or registration standards view the Paramedicine Board of Australia communique number 12.

Nationally, approximately 16 000 paramedics will be eligible for registration.

Don’t leave it too late to get yourself informed and prepared.


Following on from the announcement of the annual registration fees and the one-off administration fee, United Voice has called on QAS to foot the bill for this cost in order to ensure they have a workforce ready and able come registration.

We acknowledge that the registration and admin fees are not dictated by QAS or any other employer, however United Voice strongly encourages QAS to oblige and ensure their current workforce is supported through this process.