Malcolm Turnbull: Stop Ripping Off Queensland Hospitals

Malcolm Turnbull: Stop Ripping Off Queensland Hospitals

The Turnbull Government is refusing to hand over close to one billion dollars in health funding it owes Queenslanders.

This is funding the Federal Government committed to almost four years ago, for services Queensland health professionals have already provided.

This billion dollar black hole is what funds around 196,800 procedures, 622 new doctors and 2,168 new nurses.

What this means is that some of our state’s most vulnerable may be failed by the health system, and our hospitals could be forced to reduce services for sick Queenslanders.

What's also appalling is that patients will need to wait longer for treatment. Sick patients don’t have the luxury of time, and neither should the government. 

Even the independent umpire, the National Health Funding Pool, says the Commonwealth owes Queensland hospitals hundreds of millions of dollars for healthcare services that have been delivered. 

This is not sustainable. Sick Queenslanders need action now.

We need to unite together to send a clear message to Malcolm Turnbull to cough up and pay his debt. Contact your Federal MP today!

Check out our animation video on Malcolm Turnbull’s Queensland hospital rip off.