Thank you to members and the community who took the time out to give us feedback via social media and emails in regards to the ramping problem being felt around many hospitals across the state.

United Voice recently asked of the state government to fund an extra 250 paramedic to ease the ramping problem.



Many asked if resourcing an extra 250 paramedics was the answer.

We agree that there is a need to fix the hospital situation in regards to ramping, not enough beds and more and more people being delivered to hospitals for treatment.

However, the finance for hospitals is bolstered by federal money and unfortunately the current government has seen fit to cut funding from the health budget which had initially been allocated to Queensland.

These cuts, added to the significant projected population growth over the next 10 years, particularly in the South East corner, will continue to have a negative impact on the provision of health services and ambulance resources ‒ unless changes are made and Queenslanders receive the federal funding to which they are entitled.

So asking for a growth in ambulance staff will go towards delivering a more robust dispatch process and enhancements in the LARU and alternate pathway model where not all patients need to be transported to a hospital.

This is not only going to help with response and field triage until hospital issues are fixed, but will also help set up for future demand.

Please continue to send in your ramping reports and photos via the United Voice Ambulance App.