One of the common interactions members have with the United Voice Ambulance app is to report incidents of ramping across the state.

It’s an all too common frustration for members to be stuck at a hospital ramp rather than being out and available to respond to the community. The flow-on effects of ramping impact on members getting late or missed meals and having shifts extended because of the bottle neck that occurs at our state’s health facilities is just not acceptable.


There are a number of initiatives in place that have gone some way to addressing this critical problem. These initiatives only work if the Health and Hospital Services (HHS) work within agreed frameworks in regard to dealing with admission of patients under directives arising from the MEDAI Report from which United Voice members lobbied so hard to have recommendations implemented.

An effective way to have appropriate action taken by the decisions makers in HHS is unfortunately to take this issue to the public. They say a picture tells a thousand words and pictures like the one above of ramping at Sunshine Coast University Hospital are what we need to publicise so pressure can be applied to decision makers to get the HHS house in order and provide a safe and efficient health service to local communities.

You can anonymously record ramping on our RampWatch feature on the app. Download the United Voice Ambulance app now (from the App Store or Google Play) to have handy next time you come across this situation during your day to day work.

We aim to flood the media with these stories so that the HHS decision makers are forced into addressing the issue of patient flow and free up our ambulance resources for the work they should be doing: providing critical pre-hospital care back out in our communities. This only works if the members and delegates on the ground work together to gather this evidence that is so powerful when it comes time to apply public pressure.