State Budget delivers 200 extra paramedics

State Budget delivers 200 extra paramedics

The best news for members out of the 2019 State Budget was the record funding boost for QAS that included the allocation of 200 extra paramedics.

Through the persistent voices of strong delegates across the state, ambulance members were able to air their concerns, to politicians and in the media, helping to achieve this massive win.

This boost in numbers will go towards easing some of the pressure and fatigue many have endured through the challenges of shift overruns, missed meal breaks and under-resourcing.

As communities continue to grow so will the need to keep boosting resources. United Voice ambulance members will continue engaging with politicians and carry on the fight for future improvements to all ambulance officers' rights and conditions.




United Voice delegate Torrin Nelson talked to media outside parliament following the budget announcement on 11 June 2019, saying that the extra numbers on the ground would go a long way to addressing what ambulance members had been advocating for a long time.


In addition to the 200 extra staff, there was more to cheer about in the Budget including:

  • 122 new and replacement ambulance vehicles.
  • $55.7 million in capital infrastructure to build new stations and upgrade existing stations.
  • A  total funding boost of $85.4 million for QAS – an increase of 10.7% on last year.

View the  Minister for Health and Ambulance Services full announcement here