Teacher Aides & School Cleaners

Teacher Aides & School Cleaners

Teacher Aides and School Cleaners are an important part of every school community in Queensland. They’re employed by the Queensland state education system and form a large part of our membership.

For over 40 years teacher aides have played an important role in supporting Queensland students. As this role has changed and become more diverse, teacher aides now seek recognition and improved remuneration for the work they do.

The terms of their employment are, still very insecure. For example, the majority of
Teacher Aides are still allocated 30 hours per week or less. So the fight for secure, permanent employment and a liveable wage remain high on their list of priorities. 

School Cleaners have fought for their job security on many occasions with the threat of outsourcing arising every few years. They understand the benefits for the whole school community in remaining Education Queensland employees.

In recent years they‘ve successfully worked together for improvements in the areas of Workplace Health and Safety and return to work provisions.

Teacher Aides and School Cleaners are an active group within the union and continue to work together to maintain jobs they can count on which deliver safe workplaces and a secure, liveable wage.

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