XXXX admits drop in top spot while shunning workers from 140th party

XXXX admits drop in top spot while shunning workers from 140th party

Managers at Milton’s XXXX brewery have shunned their workers from attending 140th celebrations at the site this week, instead requesting staff use their own annual leave to stay home during the exclusive event.

Parent company Lion, owned by beer giant Kirrin, will host the 140th anniversary at the brewery on Thursday, to be attended by dignitaries, politicians, selected upper management and members of the public, while workers who have been there for decades are told to stay away.

United Voice Queensland spokesperson Damien Davie said it was another kick in the guts for the dedicated brewery workers who were proud to work for a state icon.

“Many of the workers at XXXX have been there for decades, taking great pride in working for a true Queensland icon,” Mr Davie said.

“But in recent times, management has been more set on trying to undermine the security of their jobs than on valuing their experience.

“It’s shameful that Lion would hold a 140th anniversary event at the brewery without their workers. They’ve got team leaders who have been there for less than a year attending, while workers with more than 30 years of service are not invited.

“It’s even worse that they tried to force workers to use up their own annual leave to keep them away. Thankfully United Voice sought the help of the Fair Work Commission to ensure this didn’t happen.” 

Mr Davie said managers at the brewery were desperately trying to claw back their place as Queensland’s number one brewer, but were going about it all wrong.

“The brewery director recently sent a message out to staff admitting they have dropped to the number two brewer in Queensland, behind Great Northern,” he said.

“They should realise that Queenslanders value and respect a company that puts its workers first.

“People want to see good, stable jobs here in Queensland. Yet the company is trying to use cheaper labour hire to undermine the job security of our members.

“We just want a level playing field. Why won’t XXXX stand up for good jobs for Queenslanders and show them the loyalty they deserve?”