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Aged care vote flyer

Click here for your aged care PAB voting instructions.

Know a great delegate? Why not help them be rewarded?

Nominations are now open for Delegate Awards 2016. While all United Voice members are passionate, dedicated and driven there are some delegates who go above and beyond in their own work places, in their local communities and on important national issues. These amazing individuals help improve the lives of so many and are vital to the strength and success of the union which is why United Voice celebrates their achievements with the Delegates Awards. Continue reading

The real cost to the economy

The Queensland economy would be shortchanged millions of dollars a year if penalty rates were cut for hospitality and retail workers, according to recent research by the McKell Institute. This research sits in contrast to a study by Restaurant & Catering Australia claiming a reduction in penalty rates will stimulate the economy. Research conducted by the McKell Institute found that any significant reduction in penalty rates would have an adverse effect on workers and local economies. A hospitality worker working 8 hours on a Sunday could lose up to $71 a week, or $3,700 per annum. Hospitality workers earn an average wage of less than $30,000 a year. Continue reading